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RealGame – Dynamic Like Real Business.

How does operational efficiency contribute to profit and cash flow? Students of RealGame business simulation know this and many other answers about business and supply chain management. 

Learning dynamic phenomena, such as business the way they are – constantly evolving, simultaneously proceeding and time dependent – brings huge benefits to students’ understanding of systemic processes. RealGame is clock-driven, so students learn the dynamics and interdependencies of business operations and supply chain management in a unique way. They gain a holistic view on business and learn to observe the effects of their decisions and balance supply chain, real-time. Quite important competencies, don’t you think? 


RealGame is trusted by...

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Join over  40 000  RealGame learners in over  40  countries and enjoy RealGame for an efficient and engaging learning solution with evident benefits.

Flexible Learning Tool

Cloud-based and scalable

Online, classroom, blended learning

Develops digital pedagogy and skills

Holistic approach

Connects theory and practice

Integrates content from various disciplines

Illustrates dynamics, complexity and time


Intuitive and easy-to-use

Authentic and realistic 

Develops work life skills

RealGame Applications

Basics of Business

RealGame for those who will and dare - and want to learn the basic business dynamics and grasp relevant business concepts and vocabulary.

Supply Chain Management

Tame that bullwhip and ride the wave with RealGame! Once you learn the ropes, managing a supplier-to-customer supply chain becomes your second nature.

Capstone Course for Business Studies

RealGame is a perfect antidote for silo thinking and sub-optimisation! Use KPIs to analyse company performance, understand the role of ERP and manage a network of companies.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Let the numbers talk to you and tell a story…. of profitability, cost-efficiency, and tens of other KPIs in RealGame Business Intelligence.

Proven Learning Impact

Take a look at how and what students learn with RealGame and why this is important.

We were happy to foster development of key concepts among managers and specialists in a global corporation to achieve a smooth ERP system implementation.

Students’ proficiency of key business concepts and processes developed vastly during a university course with RealGame!

What students say

RealGame definitely surpassed by expectation of how much I would learn! Learning how to compromise and negotiate, learning how to manage, and most importantly, learning how to work as a collaborative team through an online virtual world!
- Student, Capstone course in Business, undergraduate level
Learning with RealGame is exciting and interesting, and students have been more engaged in learning than with other online classes. Student feedback has been really positive: RealGame is a great way of learning instead of just having lectures or team assignments on Zoom.

What educators say

- Lecturer, University College, Supply Chain Management.

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