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Enjoy teaching with RealGame, a versatile and engaging business simulation game! Universities and university colleges apply RealGame to teaching key aspects of business administration, production management, logistics, enterprise information systems, business communication, management accounting, and more. RealGame is ideal for online and blended learning and for classroom teaching.

Cloud-based and scalable

Pedagogically sound and research-based

Helps develop digital teaching and learning

We help you to structure your course with RealGame. You can plan your whole course around RealGame or illustrate your main subject with it. RealGame teachers have access to teaching and learning resources that help to structure a course with RealGame and to streamline the learning process. Our planning tools, materials and online support help you start teaching with RealGame. Teachers also receive tips on how to promote students’ active engagement and to encourage them to apply their knowledge on problem-solving!

How it works

Learning with RealGame is engaging and motivating because it connects the learning experience and real-life challenges in a powerful and coherent way. RealGame provides for a collaborative hands-on experience that fosters both knowledge and skills in business and SCM as well as essential work life competencies.


Setting up a game and assigning students to teams is quick and easy.


Student teams negotiate, make decisions and manage their simulation companies online. They find tips and information in the simulation. 


Teaching resources and assignments support teaching and learning with RealGame. 


Result sessions illustrate and benchmark student teams' performance. Students learn to analyse and plan with KPIs.

How it works

Excited to learn more?

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You can get answers to your questions and schedule a free demo:
-  to see how the simulation works
- to test it yourself
- to learn how to apply        RealGame on your course, and  more.
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