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RealGame is ideal for online and blended learning and for classroom teaching.

Cloud-based and scalable

Pedagogically sound and research-based

Helps develop digital teaching and learning

Teaching topics

Supply Chain Management 

Finance and Accounting

General Business Management

Sustainable SCM




RealGame Teachers get

Orientation and training

Our team will help you to structure your course with RealGame. You can plan your whole course around RealGame or use it to illustrate specific aspects.

We provide: 

- multiple teacher training sessions 

- comprehensive set of materials to start teaching 

- self learning videos

Technical support

Technical support to address any issues or questions that may arise during the integration process and teaching with RealGame.

Teaching Materials 

RealGame Business Simulation includes integrated materials for teachers and students. 

- Assignments

- Guides

- Planning and analytical tools 

- Videos 

Orange Wave Flipped

Student onboading

Ensuring a smooth start to the simulation experience by providing resources and guidance for students to familiarize themselves with the simulation.

Excited to learn more?

Graphic image with RealGame customer service employees
You can get answers to your questions and schedule a free demo:
-  to see how the simulation        works
- to test it yourself
- to learn how to apply        RealGame on your course, and  more.
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