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New business simulation

RealGame Sustainable 

Equip future professionals with sustainability knowledge and skills applicable throughout the supply chain.

Ready to experience it firsthand?

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Welcome to RealGame Sustainable SCM simulation – a dynamic tool designed for  educating future leaders in sustainability!

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Computer with Sustainable business simulation

B2B business case: students operate a solar panel manufacturing company 

Develops skills to balance carbon footprint, supply chain efficiency and profit 

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Flexible gaming time 

3-4 participants per team

Suited also for large student groups 

Teaching resources, training and technical support for the teacher

Swift setup - enjoyable teaching 

Real-time reporting of sustainability and business KPIs

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Main things to know about RealGame Sustainable SCM simulation 

Theoretical concepts of the sustis simulation (2).png
Theoretical concepts of the sustis simulation (2).png
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Theoretical concepts of the sustis simulation (2).png

Immerse your students in a transformative learning experience beyond traditional supply chain management education.

RealGame Sustainable SCM simulation equips students with ability to:

Understand planning, decision-making, and analysis in operations management across the supply chain.


Integrate sustainability consideration into business decisions.


Identify easy-to-eliminate sources of carbon emissions and the required actions.


Balance  supply chain performance, organizational profitability and carbon footprint.

Theoretical concepts of the sustis simulation (2).png
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Ideal for sustainability courses on: 

Procurement and Inventory Management

Production Management

Operations Management 

Supply Chain Management

Key learning content


Balancing profitability and
carbon emissions

Carbon footprint and demand forecasting ​

Sustainable purchasing and inventory management ​

Theoretical concepts of the sustis simulation.png

Eliminating carbon emissions
across the entire supply chain

Selecting sustainable LSPs​

Getting started with RealGame is simple:​

Computer with Internet Access:
Ensure that you and your students have computers with a stable internet connectivity. Our simulations are accessible with standard web browsers making it convenient for both educators and students.

Video Conference Platform (For Online Teaching):
If you have an online session, select a video conference platform of your choice for smooth real-time interaction and team collaboration.

ERP systems ​and sustainability KPIs

Scope 1-2-3 emissions

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To download a comprehensive guide to our innovative business simulation, click here:

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