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Frequently asked questions

Here we tried to cover your common questions about using RealGame business simulations. But don't hesitate to keep in touch with our team and ask your questions by sending a message! 

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  • Who can use RealGame business simulations?
    RealGame works particularly well in Higher Education (HE) in a variety of disciplines including business, supply chain management, industrial engineering, production management, management accounting, and others. Lecturers, university teachers and professors can use RealGame simulations on their courses. RealGame licenses accommodate individual courses, departments, faculties or schools depending on the need. Check more details on the RealGame Teaching Page.
  • What are the benefits of RealGame simulations for educators?
    Flexibility and ease of use. Multi-campus/multi-site teaching. Integrates the content of various disciplines. Supports student-centered learning approach. Access from anywhere - Classroom and virtual teaching. Using clock-driven simulations with a focus on processes. Cloud-based service with no installation and no maintenance.
  • What are the benefits of RealGame simulations for students?
    Digital learning environment. Collaborative learning during gaming ​Based on robust pedagogy and research ​Dynamic business processes on a transactional level. Develops teamwork, communication, and decision-making.
  • What is the added value of using an educational simulation in teaching?
    * Educational simulation covers learning that is difficult or impossible to achieve with other learning methods. Real-time operated simulations can reveal the dynamic nature of business processes. Academic research has found out that after about one hour, approximately half of the information that was learned is forgotten. After 24 hours, about two-thirds of the information is forgotten, and after just 6 days this drops to 75%. * Game-based simulation learning can help mitigate the effects of the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve (1885) by providing an interactive and engaging way to review and repeat information. This type of learning allows for the active application and reinforcement of knowledge through gameplay, making it more likely that the information will be retained in long-term memory. * Peer learning has been found to be an effective learning method, and in real-time processed RealGame collaboration is more intensive and motivating than in other kinds of simulations. * Simulations provide holistic learning - students learn about the dynamic structures of larger systems and how each part of the system contributes to the outcome.
  • Which features distinguish RealGame from other business simulations?
    Real-time operations: RealGame simulations imitate the flow of time as in the real world. In other words, it's like running a business in a virtual environment where time only moves forward faster. Every decision in the game shapes the outcomes in real-time. RealGame is immersive, engaging, interactive, and impactful: Your students will be immersed in managing their companies and improving their results. Having fun while learning is learning at its best! Meaningful Teamwork: Students learn to collaborate effectively towards a shared goal, leveraging each other's strengths and communicating openly. You need only a computer to start teaching: RealGame is fully cloud-based and does not require installation or IT support. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection.
  • What are the learning outcomes from the RealGame business simulations?
    Learning dynamic phenomena, such as business the way they are – constantly evolving, simultaneously proceeding, and time-dependent – brings huge benefits to students’ understanding of systemic processes. RealGame is clock-driven, so students learn the dynamics and interdependencies of business operations and supply chain management in a unique way. They gain a holistic view of business and learn to observe the effects of their decisions and balance the supply chain, real-time.
  • What topics do RealGame business simulations cover?
    Relevant learning topics from ReaGame applications are numerous, and we are happy to discuss how RealGame can be integrated to your specific topics. RealGame business simulations can be used for teaching , among others: • Basic business operations and management: materials process, monetary process and information flows. Basics of finance and management accounting, key performance indicators, generic business functions and how they interact. • Supply Chain Management, Production Management, Logistics: dynamics between the material, money, and information flows; inventory management; role of other business functions in supporting the core functions of a supply chain process; balancing the supply chain from purchases to customer deliveries, and how this process affects company cash flow and profit. • Finance and Accounting: how the efficiency of the operational processes affects the profitability of the business organization; how different Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are formed from the data produced by the operations; how to interpret KPIs. • Management roles in managing a business enterprise: joint and shared leadership; how marketing decisions and human resources affect profitability; strategic choices and how to implement them in the operational business process level. • Information Management: role of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) information system in running the business; ERP system parametrization; data produced by the ERP system and how this data can be used in analyzing the business performance. Would you like to check our simulations with more details? Check our Simulations page.
  • Can I use RealGame business simulations in face-to-teaching?
    Absolutely! RealGame is excellent for classroom teaching with a moderate number of students (under 100 students). All that is needed is an internet connection and one laptop per team of students. Benefits of classroom teaching with RealGame include high intensity of collaboration and communication within teams, and opportunity to be energized by observing the other teams. Teachers can easily observe the progress of teams in a classroom setting and offer advice when needed.
  • Can I use RealGame business simulations in online teaching?
    As a cloud-based learning solution RealGame is ideal for online teaching. It facilitates very large student groups (up to 200 students per session), and promotes collaborative learning online. RealGame sessions can be carried out with your preferred VoIP solution (Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Webex etc). Teams can work in breakout rooms, and will be assembled to join the general assembly for result sessions. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we received a lot of appreciative feedback from RealGame teachers telling that their students loved how RealGame fostered collaborative learning online.
  • How many students can participate in RealGame business simulation?
    Max 120 students, optimally 3-4 students in one team. Students manage their simulation companies that compete with each other in the common supply and customer markets.
  • What technical prerequisites are needed for using RealGame Business Simulations?
    Having a computer system and internet access is enough to use the real game simulator. You do not need to install any program, as RealGame is a cloud-based service.
  • How much do RealGame simulations cost?
    Based on your teaching needs, class size and the selected RealGame simulation model(s) we are happy to make a proposal for you including a detailed description of the resources, materials and support we provide for RealGame teachers and their students. For more information, please send your request by message. we will get back to you as soon as possible!
  • How to prepare for using RealGame business simulations?
    We will organize a training session for you, and during the simulation, our support team will answer your questions.
  • What kind of support and resources will there be for me using RealGame simulations?
    RealGame teachers will be provided with a training package including online training, videos, and game manuals. Teachers have access to a selection of lesson plans, ready-made student assignments, and teaching aids for planning and executing teaching with RealGame. For more information, keep in touch with our support team by sending message!
  • How can I test a simulation before I finalize my order?
    we are happy to arrange an online demonstration for you and your faculty, and setup a trial for you. Let’s meet and discuss how to integrate RealGame to your course to best suit your teaching needs. Check our "Book a Free Demo" page for sending your request.
  • How long does a RealGame session take?
    Onew RealGame session typically takes 90 minutes, that is two 45-minute lectures combined. Depending on the learning goals for the course RealGame is usually played 2-6 times during a 6-week course. Time allowing, RealGame can be played as many times per course as wanted. In addition to simulation gaming, RealGame offers a wide variety of assignments, calculations and planning tools as well as dozens of KPIs based on RealGame company’s transaction-specific business processes. The data is maintained in RealGame company’s ERP system and illustrated by RealGame’s Business Intelligence that can be taken advantage of in the course activities, linking the game results to theoretical concepts relevant in the course in question.
  • How to book a free demo?
    send your request on “book a free demo” page, our staff will contact you as soon as possible.
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