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Management Accounting

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business simulation
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For whom is this course?

Graduate level students in Business, especially Accounting

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Management Accounting 

 is for courses that aim 

to establish 

understanding of how productivity,

profitability and efficiency goals can successfully be monitored and attained

Learning Outcomes

During the course students learn to

- Seek and compile operational data,

- Analyze data, 

- Benchmark performance to competition, and

- Develop business solutions based on data analyses.

RealGame Business Intelligence collects data from RealGame's ERP system, and serves as a fruitful data source.

Pile of books

The course can include:

- Developing an organized approach to defining

   business goals and measuring performance results,

- Collecting information for financial and quality controls,

- Using a management control system to monitor

   performance in various business functions vis-à-vis goals,

- Predicting future challenges in advance and how to prepare

  for them,

- Demonstrating the importance of making informed

   comparisons and decisions.

- Using information to reach improved productivity and cost- 

  efficiency to outsmart the competition.

Three books
Team work

In teams of 3-4 participants,

students manage their simulation companies. 

Aim is to foster data-driven decisions that allow to organise processes optimally, and operate profitably in the common market. 

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Laptop with RealGame Business Simulation Interface

The real-time processed RealGame simulation allows students to immediately see the effects of each action on the entire supply chain.

Gaming time: 3 or 4 sessions. 

The simulation can be 2-3 ECTS

Recommended simulation model: RealGame Advanced with History.

Four Reasons Why You Should Choose RealGame Business Simulation For Your Course

1) Other educators recommend RealGame

Students have been more engaged in learning than with other online classes. Student feedback has been really positive: RealGame is a great way of learning instead of just having lectures or team assignments on Zoom.

University lecturer in Supply Chain Management

My experiences of learning with RealGame are highly positive. Students really like RealGame – the gaming experience glued a large group of students together, which is was appreciated especially having had online teaching for so long.

University lecturer in Mechanical Engineering

2) RealGame effectiveness is supported by academic research

After RealGame...

62,2 %

of students were able to name more concepts

+50 %

increase in accuracy of concepts

65,5 %

of students described more cause-effect-connections between processes.

Other studies about RealGame

Learning leadership skills in a simulated business environment

Flow framework for analyzing the quality of educational games

The Design Principles for Flow Experience in Educational Games

The effects of computer-simulation game training on participants' opinions on leadership styles

Generating Research Questions from Digital Trace Data: A Machine-Learning Method for Discovering Patterns in a Dynamic Environment

Organizing for collaboration in simulation-based environments: An affordance perspective

Technological, Organisational and Socio-Interactional Affordances in Simulation-Based Collaborative Learning

Decision-Making in a Real-Time Business Simulation Game: Cultural and Demographic Aspects in Small Group Dynamics

3) RealGame boosts positive feedback from students

Thanks to RealGame I realized that team spirit is one of the most important values in business life because it is thanks to it we have succeeded in this game.

Student, LaRochelle University, 2022

During RealGame simulation I have learned the importance of good marketing, product quality, and high enough margins. Also how to manage SCM and that every decision will affect the whole business.

Student, Vaasa UAS, 2022

The game itself offers a lot of different data that players can use to their advantage. This is very helpful.

Student, XAMK, 2022

Definitely the best course during my studies. Playing was really fun and educational at the same time.

Student, Tampere University, 2022

4) Evident Benefits For Both Teachers and Students

Benefits for teachers

Easy to use for both teachers and students


RealGame simulations are suitable for both online and classroom teaching

No installation or maintenance needed 

Transaction-specific and real-time operated environment allows illustrating all theoretical aspects in practice  

Comprehensive teaching materials and support  

RealGame simulations are based on research and the latest pedagogy

Suitable also for very large student groups 

Benefits for students

Engaging, efficient, and fun!

Collaborative learning in an authentic environment 

Illustrates dynamic business processes on a transactional and multi-disciplinary level 

Intuitive navigation and versatile learning content 

Accessible from anywhere

Boosts communication and collaboration skills through teamwork

Develops concrete work-life skills such as project management, EPR systems, management accounting, data analytics, teamwork, etc. 

Excited to learn more?

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Book a Free Demo

During the free demo you can 
- see how the simulation works
- test it yourself
- learn how to apply RealGame on your course, and more.
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