RealGame is a versatile, flexible and diverse digital learning solution for universities and polytechnics. It is an excellent teaching and learning solution for business management, finance, logistics, international business, industrial engineering and management, and business communications.

RealGame offers a bottom-up view on business operations. This means that the simulation starts with basic business processes and gradually – as different business transactions take place and are triggered – the focus widens up from basic events to their business-wide effects. This is a unique feature among business simulations, and it provides a systemic view on business dynamics.

The core of RealGame is the supply chain of a business organization, with links to detailed cash flow and income statement, and it suits a wide collection of learning topics. Teachers can plan their courses around RealGame and take advantage of RealGame learning materials, assignments, simulation data and the RealGame Business Intelligence reporting tool.

RealGame integrates the content of various business disciplines in a compelling way, and it is ideal for capstone courses.