With RealGame students learn Supply Chain Management and business competences in a compelling, accessible and efficient way.

In RealGame business simulation game student teams of 3-4 participants make decisions on manufacturing, distribution, marketing, sales and logistics and learn how to manage a company’s operating activities, supply chain and partner networks. Students can follow transaction specific information flows from supply chain operations, and learn the interdependencies of business processes, cash flow and profitability. This way, they understand how profitability is dependent on the efficiency of process management. With RealGame Business Intelligence they learn to analyse performance with the help of various KPIs. These are crucial competences in any real-world business organisation!

RealGame accommodates learning in classroom settings as well as hybrid and blended learning. Students can also join RealGame virtually and communicate in a virtual meeting space, such as Teams or Zoom.

RealGame simulation gaming can be divided to multiple learning occasions (e.g. 2 x 4 hours). Assignments, analyses and reflection papers assist in knowledge creation. Result sessions and debriefing allow for reflection, and deepen learning.


RealGame is based on experiental learning and student-centered approach emphasizing collaboration and teamwork. Learning with RealGame prepares for virtual digital teamwork and develops essential 21st century skills. While engaged in RealGame students can consider the dynamics between processes and explain their views to each other. Knowledge creation in groups is efficient and learning assignments support it by enhancing understanding of shared concepts. The combination of individual and group learning yields best permanent results.

Experiential learning with RealGame simulation is compelling and motivating. Seeing the immediate effects of decisions links the learning to real life business environment.

Participant comments illustrate the effectiveness of RealGame training:

I now understand my colleagues’ daily work and how important it is. I improved my skills in SCM. The simulation was a GREAT tool to understand every step of the business and how we can achieve long term profit. All this will connect all participants to think in the same way.
– Business Development Manager

Working on the strategy with my team was a great learning experience. You gain an understanding of someone else’s view and come to an agreement as to what will be the best for your company. The team work involved is great and the results even better.
– Operations Manager

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