Networked Businesses training shows how a business organization is always in interplay with its partners and its environment – the suppliers, customers and competitors. This RealGame training illustrates the dynamism, challenges, and inter-dependencies of companies in a cross-organizational supply chain. The importance of balancing different phases of supply chain is emphasized. A key goal is to balance these phases to produce overall process efficiency and productivity.

Participants form teams of three persons, and these teams operate as either sub-producers of components or manufacturers of end products. These two types of companies are inter-dependent as they operate in different phases along the supply chain.

Central learning point in this training is to avoid functional sub-optimization. Instead, each team needs to look at their supply chain from a holistic perspective. Each phase in the supply chain has an important role in creating company productivity and profitability.

This RealGame training is especially to professionals who
  • have responsibility for monitoring or managing a supply chain
  • want to strengthen their overall supply chain understanding
  • want to be prepared to take part in discussions with different internal and external stakeholders along the supply chain

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