Learn how your decisions affect business processes and contribute to cash flow and profitability.

RealGame program on Internal Business Dynamics illustrates the functional dynamics within a business organization. This RealGame program shows how different business functions are dependent on each other and how they should serve the other functions to improve overall business performance. Focus is placed on streamlining internal business processes so that all key functions from purchases, inventories, and production to sales are balanced and run optimally. This is quite a challenge!

RealGame illustrates the importance of making solid plans and executing them timely to manage the whole supply chain. Central concepts and key performance indicators (KPIs) become familiar in their natural context and you also learn how to use them in analyzing and developing the performance of your company.

Teamwork is key to success, and communication and task division are essential so that all team members can contribute to the performance of your game company.

RealGame Internal Business Dynamics is especially to professionals who
  • contribute to organizational performance and need to understand the cause-effects of basic business decisions
  • need to understand the difference between cash flow and profitability
  • need to understand how most basic key performance indicators are formed and applied
  • need to understand the basic finance vocabulary in discussion with people from different business functions

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