RealGame Interconnected Value Chain focuses on the efficiency of in-house logistics and processes. The goal of more efficient processes concerns both internal tier operations (e.g. increased inventory turns, lower scrap) and between tiers (e.g. more frequent, smaller and on-time deliveries) within the value chain. Understanding the various value chain activities helps to see how the total value chain is formed. With RealGame Interconnected Value Chain you and your team have various tasks along the value chain, and manage supplier relations and inventory levels, collect the required inventory items into consignments, and take care of timely and sufficient deliveries between tiers.

Lean supply chain and agile supply chain are basic supply chain strategies illustrated in RealGame Interconnected Value Chain. Lean supply chain management focuses on reducing costs and reducing waste. This is particularly critical to companies with high volumes of purchase orders causing waste and costs. In the simulation training, teams learn how companies with high volumes of low variability purchase orders benefit from a lean supply chain.

An agile supply chain can also help the company to adapt to sudden changes e.g. in customer demand. RealGame Interconnected Value Chain shows how increasing agility in the supply chain allows for quick adjustments in sourcing, logistics, and sales.

This RealGame program also illustrates vividly why transparency is important to the various people working along the value chain – why information needs to be shared between different parties to increase the efficiency of the chain. An efficient supply chain demands good processes – and processes are established by people.

RealGame Interconnected Value Chain is especially to professionals who
  • work along the intra- or inter-organizational value chain
  • need to understand how to minimize delays, waste and costs in their value chain and how to make it competitive and fast
  • want to be prepared for conversations with with value chain professionals
  • contribute to the profitability and success of the company's internal value chain

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