RealGame Business Training is a training concept based on a unique, real-time operated business simulation game. Our training develops key competences needed in efficient Supply Chain Management.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is one of the core business processes for companies managing all kinds of material flows. Therefore, it is crucial that supply chain dynamics are understood by everyone – not only by the SCM professionals. RealGame training develops essential competences needed in SCM, such as understanding and gaining ability to develop cost efficiency, demand-supply balancing and optimization and availability through the supply chain.

RealGame training is based on a real-time operated business simulation game that illustrates supply chain dynamics and core business processes. But what makes RealGame unique?


RealGame business simulation is unique in that it shows the immediate effect of your decisions and actions to the performance of your game company. The simulation runs real-time, which means that all business processes are transparent. RealGame simulation shows the relation between cashflow and profitability in an illustrative way. Your market position is affected by competitors – like in real life.


Collaboration is an essential element in RealGame training. Collaboration and communication lie in the heart of operational excellence, particularly in global organizations. However, training programs often focus on individual learning with little emphasis on collaboration. In RealGame training, virtual teams work together and benefit from the compatible competences of different team members. Everyone can bring their unique knowledge to the table and simultaneously, learn from others.


Virtual RealGame training allows for participants from different locations to take part in the same training session. Virtual training is convenient and cost-efficient, and it helps to bring international personnel on the same page about key goals and how they can be reached.

RealGame business simulation game was developed and tested in a university setting. Since year 2000, RealGame training concept has proved its effectiveness in over 250 training sessions for companies internationally.

Our customers represent different business branches, including mobile communications, crane and hoist manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, food stuffs, bio-technology, oil refinery, ship building, metal industry, packaging and defense industry.

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