RealGame is backed up by years of academic research. We employ the latest research on game-based learning and virtual pedagogy, and develop our training continuously. RealGame learning experience is engaging and motivating, and connects game-based learning with real-life business and SCM.

Roots in the Finnish approach to learning

Finland, RealGame’s home country, is renowned for its high-quality education and state of the art technological solutions. The Finnish approach to learning is empowering; it is based on trust, accountability and responsibility. It leaves room for analytical thinking and problem-solving, for both teachers and learners. Instead of competition and comparison, the Finnish system focuses on support and guidance for learning.

RealGame training has its roots deep in the soil of Finnish approach to learning. At RealGame, we employ the latest research on game-based learning and virtual pedagogy, and continuously develop our training to enhance both individual and team learning. We emphasize collaboration over competition.

Games connect learning experience with real life business

RealGame is based on a simulation game backed up by years of academic research. CEO Timo Lainema developed RealGame to serve as a learning tool that combines game-based learning with hard core business and supply chain management education.

Game-based learning is engaging and motivating because it connects the learning experience and real-life challenges in an influential and coherent way. This makes games ideal learning environments. The effectiveness of game-based learning in virtual environments has been documented in various research projects.

RealGame learning concept is based on synchronous online distance learning, meaning that everyone participates in the game at the same time. Hence, RealGame provides both a collaborative environment fostering teamwork and cooperation as well as hands-on learning experiences. Students can also access RealGame reports and Business Intelligence also between gaming sessions.