Our ambition at RealGame is to make learning more efficient, more relevant, and more fun. We help students learn, professionals succeed and companies perform better, and save time and money. Let us share our approach and ideas with you.

Traditionally, business training has been theoretical and removed from the real business context. We find this both boring and inefficient. Our training concept is neither.

20 years ago Timo, our CEO, wanted to reform how business is taught. In business education, every topic was taught separately without a real connection to each other. He wanted to tie different topics together, to better illustrate a comprehensive view on business management. Also, he wanted to make learning more sociable because it enhances organizational sense making and knowledge building.

As part of his PhD project, Timo started to formulate a new kind of business simulation game based on real-time operation and transparent business processes. It would combine separate topics of business teaching into one simulated business environment where participants would learn the dynamics of managing a business in a more real setting. Over the years, the simulation was developed and suited to different needs.

We view learning as a process of knowledge creation that takes place in social interaction. We think that learning needs to be facilitated and supported by relevant contextual elements and versatile learning materials. RealGame provides just that. Our academic research on learning has focused on issues like experiential learning, how expertise develops and decision making in dynamic environments. We at RealGame team offer our collective experience and knowledge on learning at your disposal.

RealGame business simulation has its roots in academia but for many years, it has been used in higher education, business training, and eMBA. It has proved to be a valuable learning tool that is cost-efficient, accessible from anywhere, and a lot of fun for the participants.

Today, over 25.000 students and company employees have learned with RealGame. We operate globally and serve universities and higher eduction and a wide range of industries from bio-technology to metal industry.